Tune in Tuesday is a new series I’m bringing to the blog where I’ll be sharing what I’m currently listening to. When I’m not shooting, I spend a lot of my time at my desk editing and answering emails. Since I work from home, I’m alone most of the day and need to keep myself focused and motivated to get things accomplished. Music helps out a lot with this.

You can check out what’s on my (obnoxiously long) editing playlist here on Spotify.

It’s definitely a weird mix. You’d think it would be upbeat in order to keep me energetic and motivated, but there’s a lot of slower stuff in there since I just think they’re awesome songs and I wanna listen to em. Since I am home alone most of the time, I sing a lot while I’m sitting at my desk or while I’m (attempting) to clean the apartment. (Sorry, neighbors.)

I added some more recently, just to combine multiple playlists I had for no reason.

Currently on repeat is Blink-182’s newest song “Bored to Death.” Really hoping I can get tickets to their show in September, but I know that’s gonna sell out real quick. Their new song/album/tour announcement is really taking me back to my high school days. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but this past week I’ve rekindled my love for a few old bands I haven’t thought about in a few years. Definitely a lot of weird memories resurfacing. haha

What songs are you obsessed with right now?


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