There are moments in life when a photograph tells an entire story. This is what I love most about sports photography; even if you were present at the game and see it unfolding with your own eyes, those split seconds of a split-second that are captured with a photograph can become legendary.  Even if you watch the game on TV or listen to a broadcast, the photo is what cements the moment in history and brings us right back to how we all felt watching that amazing play unfold.

Fitness photography has some similar elements of this as well because for it to be a great photo, you have to understand how the motion and movement are affecting the subject. Are they feeling strong, empowered, joyful, or excited? All of these feelings are used to attract your ideal client, no matter if you are promoting a gym, yoga studio, or athletic line of clothing.

My clients include the Chicago White Sox, The Barre Code, and Crosstown Fitness, to name a few. 

I’m here to help you preserve those moments and help people gain insight into your club, studio, or brand anywhere in the Chicagoland area. Tell me about what you want the world to see!