If you’re looking for some urban photo session inspiration, this is it. Erin found a cute spot in the Fulton Market area in Chicago, so we started there and then wandered around to find some other cool spots nearby. We eventually got kicked out of private property, so I call this session a success.

Erin and Matt are so fun! Any couple that wants to get together for a drink before their session is already awesome in my book. Erin had a few dirty jokes memorized to help bring out some genuine smiles, but they’re seriously naturals. I loved hanging out with them and can’t wait for their wedding this fall!

Hanna Hill-destigter

Can’t get over how adorable and in love this couple is! great work!

Lisa-Marie Savard

What a fun couple session! I love their style and the locations they picked (especially the blue and red wall!) It’s too bad you got kicked out of a property, but it was definitely worth it hehe 🙂

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