Nola and Art met in High School, but didn’t really connect until years later. After graduation, Nola went away to school and Art joined the Army. When Art was home visiting family, they reconnected and have been inseparable ever since. During their seven-year relationship Art was deployed to Iraq, so needless to say they’ve been through a lot together.

When I met with Nola and Art to talk about their engagement and wedding plans, you could tell they were very excited and couldn’t wait to start their lives together. Their personalities compliment each other so well, I knew their day was going to be a blast!

Nola and Art wanted their day to reflect them as a couple and also have enough space to share their special day with their large family and friends. They chose Nola’s family’s farm as the location for both the ceremony and reception which was plenty of space to host over 200 guests. As an outdoorsy, crafty person, Nola wanted to make sure the wedding not only took place outside, but that she was also able to put her special touch on the decor. The invitations, ceremony and reception decorations, and even the flowers were all put together by Nola. Art’s Mexican heritage was also reflected in the day with a live mariachi band for the ceremony and the reception.

The morning of the wedding day was dreary and rainy, but the skies cleared up just in time for the outdoor ceremony! After the ceremony we were able to squeeze in a few photos of them together before the clouds reopened and it rained for the reception (which was luckily indoors) and the rest of the evening. I’m so happy for Nola and Art and I wish them all the happiness in their new life together!

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