Hey, it’s my half birthday! Don’t worry, I’m not one of those people that celebrates their half birthday. Although, I have thought about it. December birthdays aren’t very fun when you live in the midwest. I can’t believe it’s been six months! This year is already half over and summer just finally arrived in Chicago.

I figure it’s time to post how my 30 Before 30 project is coming along. If you didn’t see that post, you can find it here!

  1. Take a fitness class.
    I’ve been doing this! I went to a few barre classes at The Barre Code which was great and really challenging. I need to get back into it to work on my flexibility. Also, I’ve been going to SoulCycle at least once a week. If you’re ever in Chicago, you need to take one of Hallie Wilson’s classes! I definitely feel my body improving. I can really tell the day after shooting a wedding. Now I don’t feel sore and no longer get the “wedding hangover.”
  2. Eat healthy.
    Well…kinda. A few healthy restaurant options opened up in our neighborhood and that’s helped a lot. I am watching what I eat more, but it’s probably not considered “healthy.” Doughnuts and potatoes, you guys. My weaknesses. I mean…see the featured photo.
  3. Lose 15lbs.
    Newp. Still working on that…
  4. Go on a clothes diet.
    Kinda…I got rid of a lot, but I could continue to purge my closet. I was looking into a capsule wardrobe, but never really committed. I found a great resource for a minimalist wardrobe here. 
  5. Create a fun and productive workspace.
    I’ve been working on this! I got some color-coordinated supplies and get some fresh flowers often to liven up the space. Also, now that it’s nicer out, I take my computer out to the terrace and get some fresh air.
  6. Visit the West Coast.
    I did this! In April. You can check out photos from the trip here, here, here, and here!
  7. Get a passport.
    I did this a few months ago! No plans to go anywhere just yet, but now I have it!
  8. See more live music and concerts.
    I have plans to see a few bands this summer as well as Lollapalooza.
  9. Make more weekends/set actual office hours.
    I have done this as much as I can. I still shoot on the weekends, but weekends I don’t have weddings I don’t check my email and try to make more time for myself. Also, during the week when Nick gets home from work I shut down the computer.
  10. Build something.
    Haven’t done this yet. Not sure what to make!
  11. Read more news.
    I have been doing this more recently. It’s nice to know what’s going on in the world, but man is it depressing. What a time we live in.
  12. Educate myself on politics.
    I registered to vote in Illinois and voted in the primaries. This election year is insane.
  13. Keep houseplants alive.
    I killed my orchids…whoops…but now I have some succulents that are faring pretty well. I guess I can only have plants you don’t need to water ever.
  14. 365 Project.
    Didn’t do this. Oops.
  15. Get organized.
    I set up a cleaning schedule with things to do around the apartment daily. It was working for a while, but since my schedule is inconsistent, I’ve been slacking. Excuses, excuses.
  16. Plan a fancy 30th Birthday Party.
    6 months left to do this!
  17. Learn how to sew/get a sewing machine.
    Haven’t done this.
  18. Take more photos of family and friends.
    I’ve been doing this a little bit. I have noticed that people just don’t like getting their picture taken. I found this article which brings up a great point of how you need to feel great in your skin and not worry about how you look. You want there to be photos of you around for your family to look back on and remember you. Stop hiding from the camera!
  19. Print more photos.
    I haven’t printed anything recently, but I will!
  20. Mentor.
    I haven’t started this. If someone approached me about this I’d definitely be interested!
  21. Join a group.
    I joined The Rising Tide Society and met so many helpful and kind fellow creatives! If you’re looking for a place to network and get useful information about your creative business, this is a great group to be a part of.
  22. Go hiking.
    I did this! You can read about it and see photos here. I’ll be going again in September, so stay tuned!
  23. Give blood.
    I haven’t done this yet. With the recent tragedy in Orlando, it reminded me this is an important thing to do to help save lives.
  24. Volunteer.
    Haven’t done this. :/
  25. World Series Game.
    Not going to be possible this year.
  26. Start playing the violin again.
    Also haven’t done this…
  27. Invest.
    I’ve been saving…not necessarily investing, but I’m putting money aside. What’s really helped me is this great app called Digit. Have you heard of it? It saves you money without you having to think about it! I’ve already saved a bunch in the last 6 months. Can’t wait to see how much I have at the end of the year!
  28. Do another photography show.
    Have not done this.
  29. Treat mah-self
    Eh…I’ve splurged on stuff for my business mostly, but I’ll go get a pedicure after a wedding as a little treat for myself.
  30. Learn to code/improve my website.
    I’ve been learning things little by little with tutorials, but nothing too much on the coding end.

I have to say, after re-reading the list I made in December, I must have been feeling very enthusiastic back then. I’m kind of doubting myself on a few of these, but you never know! 6 more months to go!

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