2016 was a rough year for a lot of us. Granted, there have been worse years in history, but I feel this past year took a lot out of us. We lost a lot of our idols, horrible things are happening throughout the world, and this election year was one for the books. Sheesh. A lot of people I know went through a lot of personal changes this past year too. Myself included. To keep it short, I moved and now I’m a dog owner. All of this happened during my busiest time of year because I like to torture myself like that I guess.

Through all of this, I learned a few things.

2016 Review

Keep people around you who encourage you and want to see you succeed. I’m not the most optomistic person (another thing I need to work on), but having people in your life that make you feel like you aren’t doing enough doesn’t help you. It just makes you feel worse even if you’re trying your best.

Don’t let people put you down or discourage you from doing something you want to do. If it feels right and makes you happy, go for it.

Traveling makes me happy. I took a few trips this past year (you can read and see photos here) and loved every minute of it. Summertime Chi is the best Chi, but I need more wintertime trips to escape this cold. Yuck.

2017 Goals

I only made a few personal and business goals for this upcoming year. If I learned anything from 2016 and my 30 Before 30 List, it’s that I need to create realistic goals. haha

Make time for a more healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and meal planning. I need to create a workout schedule that I’ll stick to. A lot of times I’ll schedule things during a time I’d normally be taking a fitness class because…well…money, and I feel guilty that if I don’t make myself available for this person I’m being selfish. There’s no reason to feel guilty about taking care of yourself! You need time to recharge and maintain your body. If you’re not 100%, you can’t give your clients 100% either.

My favorite classes to take are SoulCycle and The Barre Code. Especially during the winter months, I prefer to go to a gym rather than running outside. What workouts do you love?

Also, just because I work from home mostly, doesn’t mean I have time to make a 3-course meal for myself. Sometimes I forget to eat which isn’t great, so I jump from the computer to the kitchen to grab whatever is available which somehow tends to be a donut or chips. (Shocking.) Or I’m on my way back from a shoot and I stop into one of the many fast food places near my apartment. I hated the term “hangry” until I realized it’s actually a thing.

I signed up for HelloFresh during their holiday promotion. They send me ingredients for three dinner meals per week which is awesome because I don’t have to go grocery shopping as much! The meals are healthy and they give you a lot of food. If you’re interested you can sign up here for $40 off your first order!> The only drawback for me is that I feel like I’m using every single pot/pan I own to make the stuff. Maybe it’s because I have a tiny kitchen, but I found clean-up to take a while. I just signed up for Blue Apron to see which one I like better because I love the idea of this meal delivery thing! Have you tried any of these? Which is your favorite and why?

Organize with a planner. I bought a planner at the beginning of 2016. How many times did I use it? Zero. I use my calendar on my phone/computer for meetings and shoots, but when it comes to organizing blog ideas and a posting schedule, I only do it when I have time which never happens. I went about 2-3 months without posting anything on here because life got in the way. It happens, but if I wrote down when I needed to do these things, I may have actually stuck to it instead of just letting it fall to the side. Remember how I started my Tune In Tuesday thing, posted one, and then never did it again? ugh. haha I probably need to pick up a cute planner as encouragement. I’ve been eyeing a few from Rifle Paper Co. and Day Designer.

Create and grow an email list for content inspiration and information. I want to post more than just what I’ve been shooting recently. I’d love to create resources for you guys whether it’s photography, wedding, or business related. What questions do you have and what do you want to see more of on my site? Comment below and let me know!

I hope you all have a great time celebrating 2016 finally coming to an end. Here’s to what 2017 has in store!


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It’s so easy to get caught up in setting goals without asking if they’re realistic. Glad to see you on the road to success!

Dasha |

I’m a dancer so I love going to the studio and taking an extra intense class for a good and proper workout. Giving you a little extra email list growth!


That sounds great! Thank you, Dannie!

I love the Torch and Amped classes at Studio Three in River North 🙂 If you’re ever up to take one, let me know!

Oh, awesome! I haven’t heard of that one! I’ll have to check it out!

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