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Sharp Instagram Photos


Thanks for posting this! I am a lightroom newbie and I didn’t know you could make an export preset! Most of my Instagram photos are taken on my phone but sometimes I have those extra lightroom ones I want to use. This will come in handy! Bookmarked!

Perfect! I’m so glad it helped you, Lydia! Yes, when you’re in Export, there’s the option to Add or Remove export presets at the bottom left. You can create different user presets depending on how the images will be used or where you’re storing them. Thanks for reading!

This was so helpful! Thank you so much! Do you ever have a problem with the quality decreasing a couple hours after you’ve posted the photo? This has been happening a lot to me recently, where the photo will be sharp for the first few hours and decrease in quality significantly after 2-3 hours. Thank you!

Thank you, Lauren! I have not seen that happen, but I also haven’t really been looking. That’s so strange! I know they’re updating a lot recently so hopefully it will be resolved soon.


I had been googling crazily for this info. Thanks a ton, Melissa. Will keep exploring your site more. Keep up the good work 😀


I noticed my photos lose quality after a few hours as well, any ideas why ?

I haven’t noticed that at all! That’s really interesting. I googled it and found this on Instagram’s Help page:

I also saw a few people reporting the same issue on iOS. Seems just something with the app itself and can’t be fixed on the user’s end. Hopefully Instagram will resolve that issue soon!

Ryan Borland

thanks for the post. I used your exact settings for portrait and my images are still not cropping correctly and the whole image wont fit.

thank you!!

Hey Ryan, The aspect ratio for portrait or vertical images on Instagram is 4:5. Your camera (like mine) probably shoots at 3:2. The settings I posted don’t guarantee your portrait image won’t be cropped. Mine always get cut off a bit if I’m posting a portrait/vertical image. That’s why I have it export the small edge as a fixed size since the long edge will be cropped. 😉 The only way for it to not be cropped in Instagram is to shoot at 3:2 or crop it that way before exporting. I hope that helps!

Ryan Borland

Got it, many thanks!


This is awesome! Have you ever used airdrop and just airdropped it from your computer to your phone, does that have the same affect as Dropbox? Or does that loose quality too?

I’ve used airdrop to transfer files and haven’t noticed a loss in quality. I edit in Lightroom and you’d still have to save the image file somewhere in order to airdrop it, so I just save it to dropbox. That way it’s one step and automatically syncs to my phone instead of having to share the file with my phone and save it somewhere else.


Hi there! Thanks for all of the helpful info! I was wondering does emailing the photo to yourself result in low quality?

I haven’t emailed myself an image file since I started using Dropbox. It’s just way too many unnecessary steps! I wouldn’t imagine it would mess with the quality too much. Feel free to give it a shot yourself and let me know what you think!


I tried these settings but man my images are still so pixelated. The original file of the photo is 5472 × 3648. do you think this may be why?

Hm, not sure why it would be pixelated. Did you delete the image and try again? The only reason the dimensions would cause it to pixelate is if you’re enlarging it to resize it.


I found this very informative. Did you write this before Lightroom Mobile? I ask because I’m wondering if you use Lightroom Mobile to upload straight to IG or still prefer the dropbox route? Thanks.

Thanks, Scott! I haven’t tried uploading from Lightroom Mobile so I’m not sure how to go about that. I could give it a shot, but if you come up with anything, feel free to share!



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