James and Sudeshna’s Briar Ridge Country Club wedding was beautiful, but this wasn’t their first wedding! They were actually married a few weeks prior in Bangladesh where Sudeshna’s family threw them a great celebration. Many guests in attendance for their ceremony in Schererville were unable to attend their wedding overseas. Having both weddings in Bangladesh as well as Indiana was such a thoughtful way to make sure everyone was included in the beginning of their life together!

Briar Ridge Country Club was a beautiful space and perfect spot for their celebration. We utilized the golf course was such a great backdrop for their portraits. There was an older couple golfing and they let us use their bright red golf cart for a few shots of the newlyweds!

If Sudeshna didn’t tell me prior to this day that they were going to be already married, I would never have known. The way they looked at each other throughout the day and danced during the reception you would have thought this was their very first ceremony. Sudeshna even performed and sang a song for James! It was beautiful and such a memorable way to honor her new husband. I wish Sudeshna and James all the happiness in their lifetime together!

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